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104                                    FLORA INDICA.                         [4tionacea.

The frirt in the specimens which we have seen is far from ripe. It is perhaps a
species of Saccopetalum.

4. ELLIPEIA, H.f. et T.

Sepala 3, parva. Petala 6, r.otundata, obtusissima, cestivatione im-
bricata, interiora exterioribus minora, basi angustata. Torus convexi-
usculus. Stamina indefinita, linearia, connective truncate ultra antheras
parallelas producto. Ovaria numerosa, strigosa, oblonga. Ovulum 1,
suture ventral! supra medium insertum, globosum. Stylus oblongus,
pubescens. Carpdla, monosperma, obliqua.  Frutex forsan tcandem,
floribus paniculatis.

This is a very remarkable plant, which cannot well he associated with any of the
existing genera of Anon&cea. The ovarium resemhles that of Melodorum or Mitre-
phora, but the imbricated petals and the very different stamens forbid its nnionwith
either. The single ovule attached to the ventral suture has few parallels in the
Order. From its decidedly imbricated petals, it belongs undoubtedly to the tribe
Uvariea, in which it will be readily distinguished by the ovary and style, and the
one-seeded carpels, which are curiously oblique, as in some species of the genus
Miliusa. In both the cause is probably the same, the development of a single ovule
attached to the ventral suture, not to the base of the cell, which is the usual posi-
tion in the Order. (Name from eXAnnjs, -defective?)

1. E. cuneifolia (H.f. et T.) ; foliis anguste obovato-oblongis ab-
rupte acumiuatis basin versus cuneato-angustatis obtusis vel subcor-
datis, floribus in panicula laxa terminal! dispositis.

HAS. Malaya prope Malacca, Griffith!  (c, $.)

Eamuli ferrugiuco-velutinu Folia 6-8 poll, longa, 2-3 lata, petiolo vix -
basin versus longe augustata, coriacea, rigida, supra lucida et pweter coslam tomen-
tosam glahra, subtus adpresse fulvo-tomentosa, nervis obliqiiis parallelis numcrosis
conspicuis. Panicufa tennioalis, ramosa, multiflora, plerumque aphylla. Flares
dense tomentosi, bractea rotundata coucava calyci adprcssa. Sepala rotundata,
bracteam sequantia. Petala cxteriora coriacea, convexa, utrinque fulvo-tomentosa,
f -pollicaria, interiora multo miuora. Caiyella ohlongn, f poll, longa, adpresse tomen-
tosa, pedicello 1-^-pollicari, oblique inserta, infra medium mucrouc parvo apiculatum.
Petala ajstivatione valvata; interiora basi unguiculata. Stamiw
dense conferta, rarius dofinita.
The genera wliich are associated in this tribe are all well TnarW by habit and
characters, except Popov?ia3 which is so imperfectly known that its position must
still be considered doubtful.
5. POPOWIA, Endl.
OropUeoj species, Bluwe, FJ. Jan.
fityala 8, ovata.   PeiafttG; extcriom minora, ovata, scpalis paullo
interiora crasso, oratui, concaya, apiculo inflexo, basi late un-